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Access an infusion of  fresh  ideas,  actionable  concepts,  leadership  principles  and heartfelt  inspiration from experts in the fitness industry.
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  • June 11

  • June 12

  • June 13

  • By Strong Summit join Bedros Keuilian CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp l Best Selling Author l High Performance Consultant, Todd Abrams CEO & Co-Founder ICON Meals, Inc., Lauren Tickner has been featured by Forbes Magazine, USA Today & Yahoo Finance as a Top Entrepreneur, Mike O’hearn Fitness Industry Celebrity and Entrepreneur, Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history, Cam Speck Co-founder and President of Fitplan Technologies, Mathew Park Performance & Mindset Coach and CEO of Trainer Revenue Multiplier

    In this webinar, get ready to be elevated:

    The word “disruption” has taken on new meaning for businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It no longer refers to iconoclast brands tearing up industry norms, but to the fact that the pandemic has sidelined business plans and strategies for entrepreneurs all over the world. We invited some of the world’s leading business mentors and entrepreneurs to take part in a virtual round table to share their thoughts and action plans for post-pandemic prosperity.

    1pm EST / approx. 3 hours. (Zoom webinar/register to receive link)

  • By Strong Summit join Billy Polson is a three time fitness entrepreneur and a business consultant for trainers and gym owners worldwide, Josh Biro Founder of The Yogapreneur Collective, Chris Cooper Founder & CEO, Two-Brain Business, Matthew Taub is a 25 year fitness industry veteran, Emma Barry is a global fitness authority who advises to the innovative edge of fitness, Alex Lekas BA Econ, CFP President of Equitas Financial Services Inc

    In this webinar, get ready to be activated:

    As we continue to navigate COVID-19, it’s important to have structure around your recovery efforts. Join industry experts for a roundtable discussion addressing today's biggest topics. As businesses move through the crisis response life cycle, our veteran panel will discuss ways you can strategize for the reopening, assessing business operations, how to navigate the financial hit, get re-inspired and tips to rethink your business model to succeed post COVID-19.

    10:00am EST / approx. 3 hours. (Zoom webinar/register to receive link)

  • Join Alvin Brown moderator and guest host Monica Gibbs, as they lead this panel coalition of business owners. The support and guidance we share with each other will dramatically change our businesses — and our lives — for the better. Why? Because isolation is the enemy of success. We know that none of us can ever be as smart as all of us. That is why we share. That is how we succeed. As we all navigate a new normal, a world that is relying on us distancing (literally) from each other for the greater good and the stability of our communities, we understand that collective learning is more relevant than ever before. We especially understand that times right now are extra hard on entrepreneurs, 'solopreneurs', and small business owners. But you don't have to navigate it alone. This live event session is an opportunity to connect, crowd-source solutions, receive and give support, and brainstorm ideas and innovations for your business in these unchartered times. You will have the opportunity to discuss specific business challenges you are facing as well as participate in suggested solutions for issues others are facing. Join the Entrepreneur Roundtable. Leadership can be lonely.

    Registration for this Roundtable will be limited to 25 members plus the moderators.

    In order to join you must be:

    • A business owner or manager
    • In business at least one year
    • Open to exchange ideas and share

    *Note: this event will be conducted using Zoom Meetings. We expect all attendees to participate, and help us create a communal and interactive experience by turning audio + video ON.

  • We have all closed our doors, pivoted to virtual training, and weathered the initial COVID-19 storm. Now is time to regroup and build your strategy for coming out of this situation with a smarter, more fortified business, that will go above and beyond in meeting the new needs of your ideal customers.

    During this exercise driven workshop, students will work to resolve potential roadblocks and develop exact action plans for addressing the following aspects for their post-quarantine fitness business:

    • Customer Experience
    • Scope of Practice (Products + Services, Technology)
    • Facility
    • Operations
    • Financials

    Taking the time to formulate your intelligent plan now will not only assist with the successful reopening for your business, but it will also help in guaranteeing that you and your practice have ongoing success for the precarious months and years ahead.

  • Any wellness business owner wants to sell their product with ease, make more money, and end each transaction positively with their client feeling happy - especially during these crazy times.

    The problem is, most wellness business owners don’t understand modern consumer psychology, let alone the current ways consumers are making their decisions.

    This can make them feel awkward and uncomfortable in a selling situation.

    Because of this, they end up avoiding sales conversation altogether, fumble big sales opportunities, or resort to sleazy high pressure sales tactics which rarely work -- all of which lead to straight up missing out on huge potential profit, and heightened client success.

    It shouldn't be so complicated to implement sales strategies that actually work so you and your staff sell with confidence, without coming off as pushy, annoying or tone deaf.

    You need a cutting edge sales strategy.

    In this interactive presentation you’ll learn:
    • Why selling is the single most important skill to master as a wellness entrepreneur, how selling soulfully serves your clients and team, and why it’s actually your moral obligation.
    • How to leverage modern consumer psychology, including flipping resistance, to streamline your sales process.
    • Specific sales script examples for practical application that you can start using immediately.

    When you learn the simple techniques to sell soulfully, you’ll stop being paralyzed by a fear of selling, avoid feeling slimy or pushy in a sales situation, and never leave potential dollars sitting on the table again.

    Instead, you’ll be confident that you’re prepared for even the most challenging sales situation, and your team will be onboard and excited to sell like wizards.

    Even your clients will be happy to give you their credit card in a what feels like a completely natural and effortless sales transaction.

    And when it comes to the numbers, soulful sales is the most crucial strategy you can implement to increase cash flow, raise client value, and skyrocket revenue.

    By the end of this presentation participants will understand:
    1. How consumers in 2020 make buying decisions and how to leverage this information to streamline sales processes
    2. The golden rule of sales, which when applied makes selling easy, non pushy, and extremely effective
    3. Two easy, feel good, sales language structures applicable in almost any wellness sales situation

  • As we all attempt to navigate a new normal. Join Human Resources and Recruitment Leader, Monica Gibbs as she leads an informative session on the importance of creating clearly defined team behaviors and frameworks and tools that enable you to open up honest conversations about performance with your team (aka real talk). By enabling your team to reward and challenge behaviours through real talk you’re able to build sustainable systems to manage change and transition and role model leadership.

    What you will leave with is practical tips on how to conduct:
    • Performance connections to begin your meetings (PC reps)
    • Personal code assessment (worksheet provided)
    • Character Competency Cube
    • Free 30 minute Culture and Performance audit with CEO of Performance By Design Emile Studham and Human Resources Leader, Monica Gibbs.

  • What do the most profitable microgyms in the world have in common? Why do some gym owners become two to 10 times more successful than average? We’ve spent the last few years studying profitable gyms—finding their commonalities and then working backward to build a Roadmap to help our clients get to success.

    I’m going to tell you exactly what the top gyms in the world are doing—things you might not be doing.

    What you will learn:
    – Why gym owners who offer fewer services earn more.
    – Which metrics the leading gyms actually track and why they matter.
    – How the top gym owners can spend 99 percent of their time working on their businesses instead of in their businesses.
    – Why the most successful gyms can charge 20-30 percent more than their competition.
    – How the best gyms are marketing their services.

    This will not be:
    – A “secret” marketing campaign.
    – “Easy money.”
    – Bait and switch.

    To benefit from this series, you must be willing to:
    – Think long term.
    – Help First.
    – Do the work necessary to build an enduring gym.

  • Lauren Tickner is going to reveal:

    ​How savvy fitpros are adding an extra “0” to their profits.
    The NEW kind of service that allows you to work fewer hours than ever before.
    The step-by-step strategy on where to start and what to do next.